Depression and self harm

Should of ended it when I had the rope

Fuck I’m screwed

Done …. Fuck it

Anonymous said: Don't kill yourself tonigth. I know it's hard and you feel like you'll never get better, but I assure you, you will. With time, patience and strenght. You have to fight against life and you'll win. Cause you're beautiful and powerful. Full Love xx

Hard to believe it but thankyou xx

Anonymous said: im gonna put this on anon 'cause why not. either way. I wouldnt go tonight. Or tomorrow or ever. I know it may seem hard or you cant take it anymore or that you really just dont see a purpose. but you are here for some reason it could be for being a parent or being a friend to someone. I know it is hard. you probably heard this a lot as well. But really it does get better. you will meet people that care. I dont know you. but I care about you. I will understand if you dont believe me.

It’s hard to believe that when everything crumbling !!!

Anonymous said: Please don't kill yourself

Trying not too