Depression and self harm

If u have kik msg me nd I’ll send mine back

Viv I need you

You know what fuck you I am over sending emails and you never replying so much for fkn saying “i will always care ” seriously don’t know how I am coping with out cause atm I just want to die …. Just over life there’s nothing to fkn live for!!!!

Arghhh it can all be over in a matter of seconds!!!!!!!

Yep it’s confirmed I am done

Don’t know if I want to hand the blades over but I have to even though I can get more it’s a step :( but a massive one as they are my mechanism of coping

pullthetrigger-idontcare said: my snapchat's bitchy.unicorn :)

Mines ebs007

Who has snapchat ?

Message me your snapchat names and I’ll do the same